North Bali and surroundings 

So far, our trip was everything that I didn’t expected. Not all in a good way but I accept it, since makes life easier.

I’ve got the adventure, adrenaline, the unpredicted events, some (heavy) rain, the nature (oh, the nature!), cultural and culinary experiences and much more. 

It’s true,  not planning your trip to the detail can bring unwanted events but also fine, interesting discoveries that otherwise would not have happened. 

At this point, the humidity kills us slowly in this area, and we are lacking some minimal comfort: we are longing for some “real” food, the moral is a bit low and hopefully will change that moving to our next location: for the last days in Bali we decided to go back to Ubud – where we started for a minimal comfort to “wash” the last few days.

Today we explore the north east part of Bali – we are located in Kubu – a little village less touristic, in Tulamben area, known mainly for the diving experiences – for those who are into that. The beaches around here, are mainly black – a blatant contrast to the golden beaches we left behind in the Gili trio islands.

We decided to make a tour – up North in the island to see the hidden wonders in this part of the paradise. 

In Bali you can find several waterfalls – one more amazing than other. We visited GitGit waterfall – 

This one didn’t disappointed. It was as spectacular, clean and tourist free as we expected. 

Furthermore, in every temple we must wear the traditional sarong, which is ultimately funny: 

And, of course we couldn’t miss one of the most famous one: 

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