So long beautiful Meno

Not only that Balinese have their own and private temple to pray but they have a designated room for the honeymooners, so the groom and bride don’t have to leave somewhere else for that. I mean, I don’t understand why they would go for the honeymoon when they have the honeysun (year aka month, do you know what I mean? No? It’s ok, neither do I). 

The debate is: why it’s called honeymoon? And the winner is Kathrin who said literally: “because it’s the end”. 

Don’t mind me, just some reflections about the cultural differences and stuff. 

Leaving the beautiful island of Gili Meno was a bit sad, because we felt really welcome and people are genuinely nice and happy. 

Biking along Gili Meno is pure bliss. You get to see the endless golden beaches with the amazing clear turquoise  waters, nature is mind blowing in every possible way – colourful, perfect to the detail, every picture i take beats all the postcards I have ever dreamt of. 

Kathrin was very happy emerging from the water like a Bond girl:

I’ve been asked to pose like a diva, look, I am a natural: 

Andrei insisted to have a friendship bracelet, so we bargained for three:

So long beautiful bliss. I will never forget you. 

Going back to Bali today – in the north – in the little village called Kubu. 

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