“If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans”

That’s what the Greek gods said, not any less true in this particular case.

    I am not trying to be philosophical today  (even tough I feel like ;)), yet I don’t remember a moment I felt more grateful for simply being. Everything looks brighter when you have a clear head.

    Turns out that I didn’t had malaria but other local delights, equally nice. And I’ve spent yesterday quite a few hours at the local emergency room, getting IVF’s to put me back on track. 

    One (more) thing that I’ve learnt about Balinese, is that every household has its own temple to pray. Now I understand why.One definitely needs a temple to pray constantly and privately, in order to avoid such turn of events. 

    The situation is now under control, no panic (!), all I need to do is to take the medication prescribed for the next 7 days. I will not give further details about this, unnecessary and boring. Just one thing, since I am constantly advice free, here is another one: get that goddamn travel insurance that you took the last 30 times you travelled, this next time you’ll really need it. Karma is a bitch!

    I will resume with my posts as from today, when I get to know a bit about this amazing little island. I am on Gili Meno, the midlle island part of the trio: Gili Trawagan and Gili Air – situated East of Bali ( 2 hrs with the fast boat) and we stay in the yoga retreat Mao Meno. 

    Mao Meno is an oasis of peace and quiet, breakfast to die for and a very nice “manager” – a hippie happy girl named Mel, obviously she is not from here but a very well adjusted local. 

    I think all the frogs gathered here on this island because it’s party free and they can set the party scene themselves. Since it was raining the other day ( don’t we all know how much the frogs like that?) we had quite a concert, birds and bugs and gecko’s – all of them are very loud and happy to share their opinions about life, ALL the time. Oh, and just now, there is a little snake crawling just close to my chair. How cute is that? (Not). 

    While this is not the jungle – it feels very much like in the country side when I was (much) younger: there are a lot of chickens and a cow, here and there,  you can see the stars in the evening and hear the nature unfold as it should. 

    Ok, my country side lacked the amazing beaches that I haven’t seen yet but I will tell you all about it.

    Gili Meno is a Muslim island – they have this amazing mosque and you can hear the chantings 5 times a day. There is something mystical about the Islamic chantings, that give the place where are recited, a sense of worship and peace. 

    Now, I am off to see the turtles ( because I can! ) and I will actively get some rest. Maybe yoga, after all, this is a yoga retreat. 

    Namaste and love to you all! 

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