The fine, hipster Ubud

The irony is that the three of us got quite a bad cold. So predictable. The drastic changes of temperature and the airco overdose did their job and put all of us to test. I would laugh if my head wouldn’t hurt so bad. For some reason, Andrei seems to be hit the hardest, he is convinced he will die after a few hours  that he is not sweating anymore (!). 

                                                                                             Taking a shower, a caloric breakfast (yes meanwhile I got my breakfast – a combination of European breakfast with noodles), stuffing some aspirin and we pretend that all is good. Another day in paradise!                                                                   

Against the odds we spend the day out and we have a blast. The island is full of (Australian) hipsters hence all the great eateries (ha!) and coffee places you can imagine. Starbucks has an establishment even here and I can confirm (even though I was hesitating to go there, I desperately needed a coffee!) –  the location is absolutely fabulous and I don’t regret going. In the backyard they have the so called Ubud Water Palace:I have noticed that the Balinese people are very superstitious. They believe that faith has a link with anything; all the little things are a sign of some ancestral plot for good luck. Who am I to argue? 

However, a very odd symbol is a wooden carved penis. As most Balinese population are Hindus, in the religion, the penis represents the supreme god, Shiva Linga. It seems that men used to wear these penis charms around their necks to ward off spirits and bad luck! 

Another striking habit for the foreigner eye, is the offerings made to their gods at every corner or entrance – I still haven’t figure out the system, if any, or the timing; it looks like they work on the little offerings all day long.We continue exploring Ubud and his finest eating places and we discover an absolutely hipster location – on a little street parallel with the old market: Juice ja coffee.  We have a banana cake to die for, and see the most ridiculous presentation to serve natural fruit juices, tough I must admit it was a delicious blend of mango, banana and papaya that made my day:Roaming further we discover the coffee heaven. Argue all that you want, coffee comes primarily from Java. Here, they have this special coffee that we have been reluctant to try initially but we give it a try anyway. The Luwak coffee is processed via these little adorable animals, to get a special “fine” aromatic blend. I can only say that I wasn’t impressed with the taste (I have tried the one coming from the wild Luwaks, which is supposed to be stronger and bitter in taste; the other type of coffee is blended via Luwaks held in captivity, the strengh should be somewhat milder and taste sour); interesting anyway. To be continued, we are not done with Ubud yet. 

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