Finally Ubud

We reach Ubud close to midnight (local time). Trying to keep up with all those changed hours and time zones: I tried really. All I know is that my body and brain are confused as hell: sleeping during day, awake during night, shifting planes, airports, taxys;  you name it. I don’t fight it yet it’s stronger than me. So I find myself at 4:30AM so hungry, dreaming about breakfast.                                        

I divagate here (to be noted that I am still hungry when writing this post, you cannot blame me, at least you had your Christmas feast(!) – admit it, you still feel guilty about it now). So arriving at this amazing location booked via airbnb our host (receptionist) was very nice to us, noticed that “you look very tired” and gave us a welcome drink – not in as alcohol but orange juice. To be noted that alcohol here is exorbitantly expensive and cheap as quality -compared with anything else around home.                              

Already from arrival at the airport you can notice the difference from Jakarta- it is actually cleaner and there are plenty of touristic spots and commercials that hurt my eye such as McDonalds. Also a lot of kitsch Christmas trees and quotes from the already famous “live, love, pray” or something. However, our place is relatively far from the Center and, as any good tourists, we think we are better by avoiding the commercial area.                                                   Ubud is simply fabulous. Words are not enough to describe the island. I can easily understand why is renowned to this scale. People are equally nice and helpful, even tough, most of the time we only think we understand each other. It’s ok: we all speak human. Mostly the monkeys that have a thing for Andrei. We have visited the temples; the monkey forest and we are roaming the old city and the old market; we stop often for a drink, the heat is almost unbearable but we enjoy every second. And we tried the fruits from the locals selling on every corner the delicious wonders.                               

The one inconvenience is the transport. The traffic, while better than Jakarta, is still heavy and it looks like none of us is up for driving around. So we rely on the hotel that is having a shuttle for people like us (tourists). And since I am complaining I have to mention the mosquitoes – none of the anti repellents we use, actually works. So we got plenty of mosquito bites hoping for the best.           All according to the plan. Namaste!

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