Brussels Paris Jeddah Jakarta Bali 

I know that I said I wouldn’t give any sort of travel advice but this one is for your own good: when booking a flight, book it in a Goddamn earthly hour. It’s so! so! so! important to arrive on time for your flight. Especially if your flight is leaving from Paris. And you are in Brussels.   Right: I am not a morning person (or day, or evening, or night for that matter but this is a whole other topic).                                  

After having ALL the formalities/parking/check in and check out, you name it we are finally on board. 

Now: flying on the 24th of December, crazy right? I mean with Christmas and all that. And having an escale in Jeddah for 7 hrs (!) with limited entertaining on hand ( yes, we actually had to talk to each other) , I mean seriously, who does that? Turns out that all Middle East.They are traveling to Mekkah for their annual Hajj -pilgrimage (I know, before asking me where Jeddah is I will certainly tell you: they don’t celebrate the birth of baby Jesus).  

We have been surrounded by a sea of pilgrims sleeping on the floors probably tired after their Mecca revelations and all.  And I must say they have better coffee than Charles de Gaulle airport (and cheaper,I think, because to be honest I have still no idea about the conversion). 

Finally we are on our second flight and the longest but I wouldn’t know because I have slept for 9 hrs. It was the best flight I ever had. The end. And oh, merry Christmas and Namaste. And a bonus picture with Andrei smoking in Jakarta airport after 24hrs travel not being able be continued. Stay tuned. 

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