A chronic procastinator

This is the start post of a series that will not blow your mind or  teach you how to travel.Nor give you precious indications of what to avoid eating while in Asia.  I started to travel long time ago, turns out that I never do it right according to the trillions of travel advisors on the Internet.  

This is not meant to show you how to pack effectively or to be efficient during your perfectly organised trip (see my instagram worthy picture with a nice touch of random indispensable items needed). I don’t have a backpack, I had to borrow one from a professional traveling friend (to whom I thank and I will forever be in debt since probably I ended up ruining the most professional looking backpack). Looking at it: it has so many pockets and so many compartments that i will, most probably, forget about items that i have deposited in one place or another, ending up buying a lot of useless sunscreen/bugs repellents/ear buds etc.

I have also borrowed this great guide about Indonesia that I bothered to open once – turns out that guides must be read before or during your trip. But reading about it, will not make your experiences second hand experiences? So I decided to skip reading it, but: I will just carry it around  with me and be annoyed of the weight and because it takes up so much space in my luggage. At least it looks like i am a PRO.(thank you to my other friend who borrowed me this beautiful book illustrated with impossible stunning scenery of my upcoming trip).

Mind you, the trip will only start on the 24th of December, this is just a “teaser” (smart he?) to raise your interest about the nonsense that I’ll be writing here for a limited time.

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